About Us

Embroidery & Much More was established as an at home business in October, 1999. By January of 2002, I purchased the Busy Bee Monograms, Inc. business that was a store front established 30 years ago by Yvonne Laughton. She was ready to retire and I was prepared to keep the business viable. I went from a home machine in my family room to15 heads and 12 employees on the main street of St. Clair Shores.

My background in acounting and management fit nicely with this business. And where else can you piece together my love for sewing and computers. It was a natural. Of course without the experienced staff that came with the business, who knows where we would be now.

With the purchase, we moved the business five blocks from the original storefront and with the brighter space we opened shop in just two days time. Little did we know that just a year and a half later, we would move again due to a fire (electrical) in the front of the store. So we operated from my home, then a temporary storefront, then moved back again after the building was completely restored. That was a disaster we don't want to repeat. We found a lot of good people to help us out so we could continue to service our customers during our peak season. Thank God for family, good employees and friends. We actually finished up the year with our sales ahead of the previous year, so the fire wasn't a total loss for us.

My staff includes some of the previous employess and some we added:

Sue B., Marge, Jenny and Eileen run the embroidery machines and are responsible for the actual sew out. They are experienced with alignment of monograms, logos and names. They work with different fabrics and backing and are knowledgable as to what stablizer works with the garments.

Heather and Sue D. handle the patterns and the stenciling for the varsity jackets. Each jacket has a specific pattern for the lettering, and they will "paint" in on the jacket for our chain stitching team.

Barb, Tiny and Mary run the hand chain embroidery machines. They are truely artisians at work. Each varsity jacket is stenciled so they can do their magic on it. A circular stitch is fashioned with the coordination of one hand on a crank, the foot pedal pumping, while the other hand manipulates the jacket. You can view some of their work on our projects page. It is truely a work of art when they are finished. This technique is also used for Irish Dance costumes too.

Debbie is our quality control clerk as she checks each order before it goes out to make sure it is correct. She is responsible to clip stray threads, remove any temporary markings and fold each piece for customer pick up.

Jennie is our Office Manager. She compiles each customer order, contacts our vendors for stock items and works with me to bill the completed orders. Jennie has a very organized office and keeps the paperwork running smoothly.

Jenny and I both digitize the designs. We take the customer supplied artwork and can make a stitch pattern the computerized embroidery machines will read. "Your logo in stitches."

If you are ever in the area, please stop by the store and see us in action!